Wednesday, October 25, 2006

santa's little helper

I said I was not going to stress myself out with "holiday knitting." I said something about the rewards not outweighing the sacrifices and how it's my hobby and I can be selfish if I want to and some other dumb melodramatic stuff and and yet somehow I find myself ordering yarn and picking out patterns to begin knitting Christmas presents. Maybe I was just in a bad mood when I went on and on about NOT knitting a bunch of Christmas presents this year. Or perhaps I am afflicted with some sick compulsion to knit for others when the mercury drops below 45 degrees. Who knows?

Well, I don't think I've gone overboard yet. I'm not knitting something for everyone, but I have decided to knit a sweater for my dad. A top-down raglan of my own(ish) design. You can't really call it a design since I'm using a top-down raglan formula created by someone else and cable patterns that I picked out of books and websites. I guess I'm assembling it, more than designing it. I wanted to make it a total surprise, but it's hard to be discreet and/or sneaky when trying to get an accurate measurement of someone's NECK, for example. So I just asked my dad for his measurements and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the whole thing will slip his mind by December 25th. The odds are in my favor. I've already ordered some Peruvian Sierra Aran in "oak." I just have to decide what cable patterns to use. I wanted a larger, more complicated one down the front, with smaller, coordinating ones on the sides of the body. I was going to use the Enclosed Cable from the Vogue Knitting reference, and just do basic cables on the sides of the body, but then I took a look at some of these aran diamond stitch patterns. I really like the Interlocking Diamonds pattern for this project, but I'm just not sure what kind of stitch I could do on the sides to go with it.


Anonymous emily elizabeth said...

I noticed your comment on Brooklyn Tweed's site and you mentioned the socks from Handknit Holidays. They are amazing. I bought the book last year and I knit a pair, and loved every minute of it. They're really simple to make, but the coziness makes them worth it. I used worsted wool, and they matted a bit and I have to hand wash them, but superwash or the called for yarn are both excellent choices. Good luck!

12:26 PM  
Blogger Karin said...

Wow you are so ambitious to make someone a sweater for Christmas. I've never done that before!

Do you plan on continuing the cables in the back or just the front?

12:37 PM  
Blogger jenna said...

Hmm...if the socks are fairly simple, I'll definitely have to give them a look. The end result is pretty impressive!

Cables on the front and sides of the sweater only. I am hoping to NOT make myself crazy this holiday season!

12:50 PM  
Blogger Kelly B said...

ooooo, a sweater for a MAN! You are brave. I haven't attempted one because of the sheer volume of yarn it would require.

I have Vogue's Stitchionary 2, the one on cables- it's got some good stuff in there if you want to borrow it.

1:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'll bring by the books i've got around as well, and you can poke around and see if any of the cable patterns pique your interest.

4:12 PM  
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Anonymous jenny macc said...

Your dad is 'gonna love it! And yes, you are in fact, designing. That's what it is, getting a formula, finding the stitches, yarn. Thats what the designers do. They didn't invent the sweater, they just made thier version. Good luck!

11:58 PM  
Blogger Aisling said...

Hi, I found your blog through an internet search (trying to learn the cable stitch to make an Aran scarf) and really like it.
Would you mind if I added your blog to to my blogroll?

3:33 PM  

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