Thursday, September 07, 2006

the lure of the yarn sale

Boy, this working thing really cuts into my knitting time! I'm telling myself I'm working to get the paycheck to get the yarn, but curiously, the yarn just seems to appear, paycheck or not! Like yesterday, when Kelly and I bolted into the city for a whirlwind yarn sale raid. I told myself I was going in for "Noro and nothing else"...and came out with 11 balls of Cashmerino Aran. But these things happen. I just love the colors of the Debbie Bliss yarns. And at 50% off, it was out of my hands. The yarn I bought is a dark, muted plum color, and I intend to use it for Cosmicpluto's new "Lucy in the Sky" diamond cardigan pattern. But I'm not ready to start on it yet. I want to get the pieces of my cabled turtleneck finished first, and get going on Lady Eleanor again as soon as the yarn guy brings my order from School Products. Meanwhile, I will resist the urge to go back and get every Debbie Bliss Yarn in every color for all the other projects I'm not ready to knit yet!


Blogger carrie said...

i saw this cardigan for the first time earlier today and it certainly is lovely lovely lovely. so is her design in knitty.

6:47 PM  

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