Wednesday, July 05, 2006

travel knitting

Of course the most important aspects of planning any trip is deciding what knitting projects to take, right? I'll soon be backpacking through Costa Rica and at this point I should probably be worried about more important things---you know, like transportation, the fact that I don't speak Spanish, food, shelter, blah blah blah... but of course I'm surfing the web and leafing through my knitting books trying to pick the perfect project. What exactly does one knit in the jungle? I don't want to take anything too big, or too nice, or too complicated. None of my current projects seem to fit the bill. I'm considering the new Fetching pattern from Knitty.

Complicated enough to keep me interested, but not so complicated that I'll screw it all up, should I get distracted by a spider monkey or something, small enough to fit in the backpack and not so precious that I'll shed any tears if I accidentally drop it into a volcano. Oh, yeah---and if they make it back in one piece, someone will have a beautiful, well-travelled pair of fingerless gloves!

But something on circulars would really be ideal...


Blogger Kelly B said...

I knew you'd start one of these soon!!!! How exciting!

Oh, and having just suffered through sitting in a middle seat on a plane and trying to knit with straight needles, let me tell you... you will probably really want to bring some circs!

1:14 AM  
Anonymous Emily said...

Hey- love the cardigan... are you going to post a pattern? And the razor rocks too!

1:37 AM  
Blogger Casey said...

I'm going to El Salvador this month and I'm having the exact same problem! Knitting a wool sweater (my current project) in warm, humid weather does not sound fun.

5:41 PM  
Blogger rachel said...

Those are on my to-knit list too :) Way too cute.

12:50 PM  
Blogger lexer said...

I went to Costa Rica in May, and I took a pair of fingerless gloves and the clapotis from knitty...check 'em out at
have fun on your trip!

11:25 PM  

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